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Our Bitcoin trading account management & Signals provide you an opportunity to skip the hustle of trading charts, market rumours, public talks, blaah blaah and so & so.

  • Some crazy numbers from our reports (6-Year). Tap here to browse the full report.

  • Average return on investment (ROI %) in BTC over 7 year.

  • Average strike rate in % over 7 year.

  • Average total positive months in % over 7 year.

Services specifically carved to fulfil all your financial needs and pushes you towards financial independence.

Signals will be delivered to you via Telegram or we'll be directly managing your trading account leaving no opportunity missed. Signals are exclusive for subscribed members only, moreover, we do not require any confidential information such as login details, detailed account statements etc.

Confused about "Crypto Signals"?

Crypto signals are a tiny set of instructions provided by us to help you enter and exit at a precise point to maximise the profits and minimise the risk of loss. The quality of our signals is strongly backed by thorough research and development, which is what distinguishes us from others.

• Our AI bot monitors trading pair XBT/USD 24x7 on BitMex.

• Now we serve Binance users also with BTC/USDT future pair.

• The number of signals depends on market behaviour.

Why choose our Crypto Signals?

In today’s fast-moving world, our crypto signals can match up with your pace.

Our mission is to create wealth for clients in the crypto economy by providing safety in a volatile and confusing trading environment.
Understanding this market may seem like mission impossible, but by applying the AI technology we’re able to predict movements quite accurately, with high success return over a period of year in last 7 years reports.

You do not need to spend hours staring at charts and market movements. Our AI logic does the work for you and provides you with all the relevant information to open and close a position. Hence, you can continue crypto trading from your phone and with your job in hand.

Each trading signal has default parameters for Stop Loss (close trade at X loss) and Take Profit (close trade at Y profit) available for optional use.

We try to provide differentiated signals that can make a profit in each period short, mid and long.

Each Buy or Sell signal has two main indicators, profitability and probability, to help you make sound decisions.

Our Pricing

We offer great and premium prices.

To get all the benifits, you have to understand the given reports firstly and then stick with our service till the end of current year.

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$200 month
$200 month

Normal Plan

  • Trading coin Bitcoin
  • Exchange: Binance/Bitmex
  • Trade management: By yourself
  • Minimum fund: 0.026 BTC
  • Signals Platform: Telegram
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Pricing FAQ

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Financial freedom is the key to prosperous living. And to do that one should invest funds in low, medium and high-risk domains systematically. And here we only want you to invest 10% of your funds in the high-risk-high-reward segment to maximise the profits.

All you need is an account on Binance/BitMex and add BTC to your account or you can purchase your BTC from other exchanges like Binance, CoinBase etc and transfer it to Binance/BitMex.

Cryptocurrency markets function 24x7 365 days. There are no such holidays or off in decentralised markets.

We are not liable for any monetary loss and the subscription fee is non-refundable

Yes, you can subscribe to us irrespective of time and month. We'll guide you thoroughly during the process.

Yes, you can. You are always free to unsubscribe although it's strongly recommended that you should let the logic work on your portfolio for at least a year.

You can start with 0.026 BTC, To know the current price USD please click here.

Investors are requested to review the prospectus carefully and obtain expert professional advice before investing as trading involves risks that do not guarantee any return or losses. Subscriber is solely responsible for all the changes to the portfolio funds.

The number of signals or trades directly depends on the market behaviour or scenario.

Our AI logic is perfectly blended and involves both fund and risk management for maximising the returns and minimising the losses for good.

Yes, our AI is capable of handling all the different phases of the market be it bearish, bullish or snadalone.
To see how it works in different phases check our in-depth reports by clicking here.

We only use bitcoin currently as our primary trading coin.